Recreational Sport Study – Win an iPad

Attention all students on the Potchefstroom Campus of the NWU. You are invited to take part in the Recreational Sport Study and stand the chance to win an iPad.

What you should know:

It will take 10 minutes of your time
We will need your student number to enter you into the lucky draw
Your information will be kept anonymous
If you are ready, click on the following link:

Remember: This questionnaire is to be completed by students from the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University only.

Examinations Office MC

“Students who qualify to write the third opportunity examination in terms of rule A 2.4.5 and those who anticipate that they may qualify after the second opportunity examination have been written;  are urged to submit their applications before 07 July 2017 “not to wait for results of the second opportunity examinations” The examinations department will process the forms and issue a provisional verdict pending the second opportunity results.”

Dear NSFAS Student

Your NSFAS contract is ready to be signed electronically. NSFAS did send your 2017 contract via e-mail. Please sign before 30 June 2017.

If you have not received you e-mail due to the fact that you changed your email address recently, you can visit the NSFAS web: to sign your contract under the Financial Aid tab: sign LAF/SOP.

NB : If you do not receive the OTP (one time pin) after entering your ID number then it means you have also changed you cell phone number recently or NSFAS do not have your cell phone number on record. To update your new cell phone numbers please visit your financial aid office on your campus.


Studiegidsverspreidingsentrum / Study Guide Distribution Centre

Die Studiegidsverspreidingsentrum is oop vir uitreikings van 2de semester studiegidse tussen 12 en 15 Junie 2017 om 08:00 tot 16:00 daagliks.  Uitreikings sal weer voortgaan vanaf 10 Julie 2017.

The Study Guide Distribution Center will start with 2nd semester study guide issues between 12 and 15 June 2017 during 08:00 to 16:00 daily.  Issues will resume again from 10 July 2017.